Saturday, April 16, 2011

Junior Masterchef Australia 2010


Baru berpeluang untuk update blog tentang one of my favourite show. Sangat happening~! Sangat seronok~! How wonderful this kids can be, memasak di awal usia.. Two thumbs up!! :)

Top 50 Junior Masterchef Australia 2010

Down with this wonderful Top 12

Biodata ringkas tentang mereka :


Name : Lucy
State : Victoria
Age : 11
Specialty Dish : Mince Pies
Least Favourite Food : Mushrooms
Game Plan : "Do My Best And Have Fun"


Name : Anthony
State : New South Wales
Age : 10
Specialty Dish : Tiramisu
Least Favourite Food : Brussel Sprouts And Broccoli
Game Plan : “I Want To Be Nice And Fair To All The Contestants, Experiment With Different Food And Have Fun”


Name : Siena
State : Victoria
Age : 9
Specialty Dish : Lemon Curd Tarts
Least Favourite Food : Anything Green - Especially Brussel Sprouts
Game Plan : “Keep My Bench Tidy At All Times, Always Read The Recipe And, Of Course, Taste The Food To See If It's Good Before Plating Up To The Judges”


Name : Cassidy
State : Victoria
Age : 12
Specialty Dish : Chicken And Mushroom Risotto
Least Favourite Food : Green Things Like Apples, Broccoli And Peas
Game Plan : “I’m Planning To Go In There, Cook The Best Possible Dishes I Can And Cook From The Heart... And Most Importantly Have Fun”


Name : Nick
State : New South Wales
Age : 10
Specialty Dish : Steak With Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Carrots And Beans
Least Favourite Food : Brussel Sprouts And Capsicum
Game Plan : “Keep Focused, Keep Trying, Don’t Give Up And Put Up Amazing Food”


Name : Emily
State : South Australia
Age : 11
Specialty Dish : Rabbit And Venison Pie
Least Favourite Food : Brussel Sprouts
Game Plan : “Just Keep Going And Don’t Ever Give Up”


Name : Alex
State : New South Wales
Age : 11
Specialty Dish : Le Gout De La Mer ( Seafood Dish )
Least Favourite Food : Capsicum And Carrots
Game Plan : “Concentrate And Stay Calm"


Name : Sofia
State : Queensland
Age : 12
Specialty Dish : Falsomagro ( A Stuffed Meat Roll With Egg, Cheese, Salami, Garlic And Parsley Served With Crumbed Eggplant )
Least Favourite Food : Mayonnaise
Game Plan : “I’m Just Going To Try My Hardest And Hope To Win. But At The End Of The Day It’s Just Fun To Be A Part Of The Show”


Name : Sam
State : Queensland
Age : 11
Specialty Dish : French Quarter Cake
Least Favourite Food : Seafood
Game Plan : “I Hope To Win By Cooking Great Food Because That’s The Only Way To Win It”


Name : Isabella
State : Queensland
Age : 12
Specialty Dish : Ricotta Gnocchi
Least Favourite Food : Meats Like Brains, Stomach And Tongue
Game Plan : “To Try My Best And To Cook Great Dishes. As Long As I Do My Best I Will Be Happy.”


Name : Jack
State : Tasmania
Age : 12
Specialty Dish : Beef Bourguignon
Least Favourite Food : Lambs Brains
Game Plan : “To Try As Hard As I Can And Cook Food That I Like To Eat”


Name : Pierre
State : New South Wales
Age : 12
Specialty Dish : Herb Crusted Lamb Cutlets With Stuffed Mushrooms And Green Beans
Least Favourite Food : Eggplant, Zucchini Zand Fennel
Game Plan : “To Keep Focused And Try My Best.”


And the Winner is : Isabellaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... :)

P/S : Isabella dan Sofia adalah kembar ye. Tapi mereka tak seiras. Dan mereka mempunyai cita-cita untuk membuka restoren yang dinamakan "Is-Sofia".. Kecik-kecik dah bercita-cita tinggi!!!!! :)

P/S : Walaupun saya sangat suka dengan PIERRE, tapi mereka adalah kanak-kanak hebat yang punya cita-cita tinggi :)